The Project

Project Overview

Supporting outdoor activities is a fast growing and important field in the area of software and hardware development. Taking into account, that outdoor activities become a more and more important part of the lives of elderly people it stands for a self-determined life to be able to practise outdoor activities irrespective of one’s age and constitution. Furthermore, outdoor activities contribute largely to the health and wellbeing of the elderly and improve their quality of life. A commercial roll out of the system can contribute to a better health, enabling elderly people to keep up their mobility.
The frontend solution will be evaluated by end-users during the development process using an appropriate mobile device and an app to improve its usability by receiving consumer feedback. The project duration is 24 month. The project's start date is September 1st, 2012.


Expected results and impact

The expected result is a system which is deployed as an app on selected, outdoor-suitable mobile devices. The app includes a hiking guide, high quality route information and basic safety system, which constantly checks the surrounding conditions(weather, daylight) for critical situations. The app is connected to an emergency centre which is notified in critical situations and, based on the location information, can send out rescue teams. Notifications can be triggered manually or using a built-in tracking tool, which works on reaching preliminary defined GPS control points along the tour.


Project funding

The DOSSy project is funded with 770.000€ by the EU and national funding organizations. The funding covers around 46% of the total costs of the project. The remaining 54% is funded by the project partners. The subsidies are paid off during a period of 24 month. More information on the public funding and statistical reports on the call can be found here.


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